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How to become a Dental dentist?


Grow your practice with Dentalbuddy Assurance

Dental focuses on getting patients into your office as an essential part of achieving and maintaining good oral health. We give you exposure to the nation’s largest Dentalbuddy Assurance customer base, provide easy administration, pay you directly when treating Dental’s patients and provide quick, accurate claims processing—so you’ll be paid promptly and easily.

Dentalbuddy Assurance’s Preferred Service Provider Network

Receive payment based on your fee schedule, maximum contract allowance
or amount submitted as Discount to Dentalbuddy Assurance.


All States and Metro Cities included in our networks

You must be a licensed, practicing dentist meeting our credentialing requirements. Request a participation packet

You can expect to receive a participation packet as soon as you call our Office or Email us : Review accept Preferred Service Provider’s fee schedule

Once you have received the email and reviewed the Discounted fee schedule, you must agree to accept payment according to the fee you submit on claims or the fee shown on your Claims Portal.

Complete, sign and email the Participating Dentist Agreement

Complete, sign and email the Participating Dentist Agreement, amendment and accompanying forms to the address contained in the information packet. Please be sure to mail all requested information. Missing documents will delay processing.
email to:


Affiliate Plans

Affiliate Programs will be arranged with Central and state government time to time.
This will give you opportunity to serve large number of Government Employees by our Company
on time to time bases, which will help in Growing your Dental Practice.