Network Participation

How do I join the Dentalbuddy Assurance Network

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What are the advantages of joining the Dentalbuddy Assurance Network?

Dentalbuddy Assurance focuses on getting patients into your office as an
essential part of achieving and maintaining good oral health.

Other Advantages Include:

  • Do the right thing and own it.
  • Empathize and serve others.
  • Be proud of what we do and constantly reimaging greatness.
  • Be free to explore and be curious.

If I am a Dentalbuddy Assurance dentist,
do I be a part of nationwide Presence?

Yes, by signing a Dentalbuddy Assurance Participating Provider Agreement,
your participation is honored throughout the national
Dentalbuddy Assurance system.

Online Provider Tools

How long can I use Provider Portal ?

You can keep using this portal until unless there is a written complaint from any of the customer for cheating.

How will my information be displayed on Dentalbuddy Assurance Portal ?

Your Name and your Clinic’s Address can be found by our Member (Patient) on our web portal by search.

Which browsers work best with Provider Tools?

Provider Tools works best with current versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox (Be sure to keep your browser updated.)

Who may register for Provider Tools in addition to the dentist?

Any person authorized by the dentist may register. We encourage each person to register separately so that if someone leaves the practice, that person’s username and password can be deleted while leaving the others intact and usable.

What information is necessary to register for Provider Tools?

    Enter the following information, which must match our records exactly:

  • The dentist’s first and last names
  • The dentist’s Permanent Account number (PAN), without hyphens or spaces, Aadhar Number, Bank details (Cancelled cheque picture)
  • The practice’s PIN code
  • The dentist’s license number.

Claims and Payments

What is Turnaround time for Claim Settlement ?

On an average, claim settlement and Payment in your Bank Account takes less than one month from the date of submission of claim.

If Dentalbuddy Assurance recoups a previous overpayment from a new payment issued to me, how will it display in My Payments?

You will not see this type of adjustment in the payments list, but you will find it on your claim statement using the My Claim Documents tool.