Benefits of 100% Cashless Dental Cover

November 9, 2021 0 Comments

(1) Reducing Out-Of-Pocket Expenses for your day-to-day OPD Dental Treatments:-

Dental treatments are often very expensive when they happen suddenly. Most of us in our society take Dental Care not very seriously and go to our Dentist when there is some problem. In these circumstances, the Expensive Dental Treatments like: Root Canal Treatment, Crown, Fixed Bridges, Implants or any Dental Surgery turns out to be a very Expensive affair and it really pinches our pocket. Dentalbuddy takes care of all these problems by giving you and your family a Cover of 100% Cashless Dental Treatment benefit in the times of need till your Limited Sum Assured. For browsing our plans, please visit:

(2) Creating Healthy smiles:-

Just Imagine that you have Best of Dental health and your Smile is been appreciated by all your loved ones ! This can only happen when you have ZERO DENTAL PROBLEMS. Dentalbuddy helps you to SCAN your mouth as many times in an year to get your Oral Health report immediately on your Whatsapp. This is an exceptionally powerful and wonderful Benefit given to our members as they can contact us anytime during their membership period for a Free Dental Scan and our In- House Dentist will give them a Free Consultation with a Oral Health Diagnostic Report. You just have to reach out to:-

(3) Improving your routine Dental health:-

By helping you and rectifying your Dental issues, Dentalbuddy is constantly improving your Dental Health. In case of any Claim, you will be referred to Dentalbuddy’s Network Dentist in your nearby area who will take care of you by providing 100% Cashless Dental Care till your purchase Sum Assured Plan. All the Network Dentists of Dentalbuddy are having Clinical experience of more than 10 years.

(4) No Cost EMI / 0% EMI on Dental Treatments:-

Dentalbuddy is providing 360 degrees of Dental Care services to you by giving you a benefit of paying your Dental bills which are beyond your Plan by paying in Easy Every Monthly Instalments (EMI). These EMI’s are all NO COST or 0% in nature as there is no Bank interest charged on them.

(5) Up-to 15% Discounts on Medicines:-

Dentalbuddy has a Corporate Tie-Up with Apollo Pharmacies all over India, so you can buy/ Order your medicines on Discounted Price Up-to 15% from Apollo Pharmacy. In any Dental problem Dentalbuddy In-House Dentist gives you a Digital Prescription having Dental care medicines which can be bought on the Discounted prices.

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