As an integral part of the health care system, we’re deeply focused on improving the Dental health and lives of the nearly 1.3 Billion Indians we serve.

To achieve this, we seek to motivate and empower every Person employee of our country so we are all inspired to take exceptional care of our customers, providers and each other.

About Dentalbuddy Assurance

Our Dental Health always takes a Back seat when it comes to your Expenses of your routine Dental Treatment at your Family Dentist. As none of the Insurance companies are covering OPD Dental Treatments but mostly covering only Hospitalization expenses, Dentalbuddy Assurance was started to cover all your routine OPD Dental Treatments at your own Family Dentist by creating an Exceptionally Innovative Concept of Delivery of this Unique Product for Indian Market. It allows you to stop worrying about your sudden Expenses on your routine OPD Dental Treatments, but gives you freedom to choose your own Dentist and get your Dental Treatments at CASHLESS benefit till your Assured Sum Limit in a year. Now, you can protect all your Family members at a very reasonable Annual Premium rate. This product is very likable by most of the Corporates as it gives 100% protection for the Dental Health needs of their Employees at a very reasonable cost.

Where it all began

Over the past century, both Dental treatments and oral health have undergone significant changes. A few decades ago, most adults over 50 had dentures and very few people saw the dentist unless it was an emergency. Dental benefits didn’t exist because good oral health simply wasn’t that important. Seeing the gap in the Dental Protection in India, in 2001, Dr. Ruchir Garg set out to revolutionize oral health care in India but filling this gap of lacking the Dental care by citizens of our country. Finally, after a very hard work, perseverance and dedication in bringing out the best product for Indian market, now we are Proud to Launch “Dentalbuddy Assurance”, which has filled all the possible gaps of delivering a Cashless OPD Dental Treatments for our customers.

Executive Leadership Team

We are proud of our reputation for attracting and developing some of the brightest members of our dedicated Team. Strong leadership is vital to fulfilling our mission to help dentists, patients, employers and brokers find solutions to their Dental care and Cashless Dental Treatment needs.